Frank Pupillo

Octo Rock Cinema Productions

Arriving on the local music scene in Worcester, MA as a drummer over 30 years ago, Frank has performed at many venues of all shapes and sizes throughout New England. His love of music and entertainment led him to expand into the management of acts as well. That was the inception of Octo Rock Cinema Productions which has been booking acts and promoting shows for over 8 years throughout New England.“Starting Octo Rock Cinema Productions has given me the amazing opportunity to work with some incredible musicians and entertainers, not only locally but nationally as well.” One of the more notable shows was Ricky Nelson Remembered at The Hanover Theater in Worcester, MA. The show featured Matthew & Gunnar Nelson performing their dad’s greatest hits. “I’ll never forget what happened after that show during the meet & greet. A woman came up to me and thanked me for bringing this show to the area. It was then that I realized I wanted to achieve more than just placing an artist in a venue.”From amateur to professional artists, there is no other promoting company in the world that has the energetic and exciting customer experience that Octo Rock brings to the table.


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